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Emergency and After Hours Support

Circuit Breaker Sales NE Support - 365/24/7

At CBS Northeast we take pride in being available and capable of responding at any time, anywhere.

if you can't reach us at our 24/7 number 203-888-7500, Group CBS, affiliate companies are available 24/7 .   Please use the phone numbers below to contact our business unit managers at anytime.

We have the largest inventory of low and medium voltage power equipment available in North America. Plus we have literally millions of parts in stock.

On-site emergency field service, including electrical testing and repair, is also available.

Our modern shop facilities coupled with our skilled engineers and technicians provide comprehensive, quality repair, rebuild, retrofit, and life extension capabilites.

Our equipment is available for rental as well as purchase, and we have aircraft and hot-shot trucks standing by.

If there is no response at 203-888-7500, our 24/7 number, don't give up... try the next number on the list below. WE WILL RESPOND!

Other Group CBS Emergency Contacts:

For Emergency Service or Sales Support for All Group CBS Products, contact:
Bill Schofield | Cell: 214-673-2710

For Replacement Parts and Assemblies, contact:
Tim Brewer | Cell: 940-736-4353

For Worldwide Switchgear or Circuit Breaker Parts or Emergency Assistance, contact:
Tim Brewer | Cell: 940-736-4353

For Circuit Breaker Sales Co., Gainesville, TX After-Hours Support, contact:
Justin Brewer | Cell: 940-736-1799

For Emergency Service for Molded Case Circuit Breakers or Insulated Case Breakers, contact:
Roland Munguia | Cell: 214-675-8706

For Emergency Service for Low Voltage Motor Control, contact:
Bill Schofield | Cell: 214-673-2710

For Emergency Service for Replacement Vacuum Interrupters, contact:
Julia Neves | Cell: 940-391-0717

For Emergency Service or After-Hours Support of ArcSafe Products, contact:
Ashley Ledbetter | Cell: 940-736-0943

For Sales and Service in Southeastern U.S. for all Group CBS products, contact:
Scott Peterson | Cell: 704-681-1283

For Midwest Emergency Service or On-Site Field Service, contact:
Dean Klinger | Cell: 219-575-5420

For Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Emergency Service or On-Site Field Service, contact:
Matt Brierley | Cell: 203-605-0962

For Western U.S. Emergency Service or On-Site Field Service, contact
Craig Archer | Cell: 206-300-4575

The buck stops here... I'm Finley Ledbetter, president of Group CBS, Inc. I assume you're here because you can't reach us at our offices because it's after business hours or it's the weekend or a holiday. So This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly -- I check my email frequently.

Go here for information and a link to the website of each Group CBS affiliated company.



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